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Friday, May 6, 2016

Season 1 Results

Week 1: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Build Battle
12 of us played 4 games of Build Battle.  The 4 winners all got 1 point, and played in a 5th game for another 2 points.
+3 ECDubbleyew
+1 WildRoze
+1 Lmac77
+1 Hazama_S
Punishment:  MercKing92 has to spell out the word "Gauntlet" in blocks, and fancy it up so that we can use a screenshot of it for a thumbnail.

Week 2: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Team Death Match
6 of us auto-joined a couple games of Team Death Match.  Each time the losing team was eliminated until a team of 3 or less remained.

Games Played:  Wooly Woods & Yggdrasil.
+2 turtleguy123456

+2 nyancat900
Punishment:  nyancat900 picked myself (Spintown) to be punished, and turtleguy123456 decided what skin I had to wear for the next month.

Week 3: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Minecraft Party
8 of us played a handful of Party games.  If someone came in first they got 1 point, and got to play in a final game at the end for 2 points.

Games Played:  Snowball Fight, Minefield, Red Light Green Light, Red Alert, Hot TNT, Smoke Monster, Spleef, Musical Minecarts, Dead End, Chicken Game, Rainbow Jump, Shoot The Sheep, & One In The Chamber.
+3 Spintown (
Red Light Green Light, Spleef & Smoke Monster)

+1 Lmac77 (Snowball Fight, Musical Minecarts & Dead End)
+1 WildRoze (Spleef)
+1 Hazama_S (Minefield & One In The Chamber)
Punishment:  kaleidocopia had to build a shrine to myself (Spintown) in Minecraft & make a video showing it off.

Week 4: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Survival Games
10 of us played 1 game of Survival Games.  Getting to the deathmatch would get you 1 point, and living longer than all the others in our group would get you 3.

Games Played:  Springfield SG
+3 Lmac77
Punishment:  Lmac77 picked myself (Spintown) to be punished.  I had to sing a song in a language other than English.

Week 5: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Bridges

6 of us auto-joined a couple games of Bridges.  The winners from the first game had to be on different teams for the 2nd game.
Games Played:  Icelands & Shroom Lands
+2 Lmac77
+1 turtleguy123456
Punishment:  Lmac77 picked Suoermario to be punished.  He had to finish the Yellow parkour over at Spinkour.

Week 6: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Minerware

We played 3 games.  The winner of each game got 1 point & immunity, then got to play in a final 4th game for 2 more points.
+3 Suoermario
+1 Hazama_S
Punishment:  Suoermario decided to punish Jarizle88.  He had to recreate a scene from a movie in Minecraft.  The scene had to be 60 seconds long, have some action & dialog in it.

Week 7: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Death Run
We played 4 different maps (Jungle Base Beta, Ice, Western & High City).  The winner of each map got 1 point & immunity, then got to play in Splegg (Catch 'em All!) match for an additional 2 points.
+3 Hazama_S
+1 Suoermario
+1 nyancat900
+1 Resistance93
Punishment:  Hazama_S decided to punish ECDubbleyew.  She had to dramatically recite a gangsta rap song from the 90's.

Week 8: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  TNT Run
6 of us played 4 games of TNT Run (Atior, Atior, Quadral & Tombed).  The 4 winners all got 1 point & immunity, then played a game of Bow Spleef (Dread Pit) for another 2 points.
+3 Hazama_S
+1 8BitHer0
+1 Suoermario
+1 Spintown
Punishment:  WildRoze has to draw a group picture of the 6 competitors from this week in MS Paint that we can use as a thumbnail.

Week 9: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Parkour
4 of us ran the Yellow parkour course. The winner got 3 points, while the 2nd & 3rd place finisher got 1 point each. The top 3 all got immunity.

Games Played:  Yellow
+3 Suoermario

+1 Hazama_S
+1 Spintown
Punishment:  Lmac77 had to do a Let's Play of the card game Hearts.  It had to include commentary & he had to win the game.

Week 10: (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Arcade
7 of us played 6 arcade games (Snake, One In The Quiver, Super Spleef, Dragons, Runner & Dragon Escape).  The highest finisher within our group each game would move onto a final game of Sheep Quest & get immunity.  If someone managed to get a 1st place finish in a game they would get 1 point.  The winner of Sheep Quest would get an additional 2 points.
+2 Suoermario
Punishment:  I (Spintown) had to write a nice poem about Suoermario.

Week 11:  (Video)
Server IP:
Game:  Blitz
6 of us got split up randomly onto teams to play Blitz maps (The Arena, Bliss & No Return).  The winning team moved onto another game & the process repeated until there was 1 player left.  Last player remaining got 3 points, and everyone else in the final game got 1 point.
+3 Lmac77
+1 8BitHer0
Punishment:  boophis had to build her first videogame system in Minecraft.

Week 12:  (Video)
Game:  Walls
9 of us split up onto random teams & biomes.  The winning team got 1 point, immunity & moved onto a final game.  The winner of the last game got 2 additional points.
+3 Spintown
+1 turtleguy123456
+1 Suoermario
Punishment:  ECDubbleyew had to let Spintown write a tweet for her to tweet out on her Twitter stream.

Final Scores:
Results For Season 1:
11 - Suoermario
10 - Hazama_S
10 - Lmac77
8 - Spintown
4 - turtleguy123456
3 - ECDubbleyew
3 - nyancat900
2 - WildRoze
2 - 8BitHer0
1 - Resistance93
0 - MercKing92
0 - Jubei_88
0 - NewsieSteve
0 - Jarizle88
0 - kaleidocopia
0 - boophis