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The Gauntlet was created by myself for a few reasons.
- A way to create weekly YouTube content.
- An excuse to play Minecraft with my friends.
- Wanted to try something new that I've not seen other YouTubers do.

This contest isn't just a one night deal, it lasts 12 weeks, and takes place across many well known servers.  Each week we'll play a different mini game, and each week people will earn points.  At the end of the 12 weeks whoever has the most points will win a $50 Amazon gift card or a rank on a server of similar value.  Just to make things more interesting, the weekly winner will be allowed to punish one of the losers each week.  Punishments will all take place IN Minecraft or on social media sites like YouTube & Twitter.

More than 20 people have signed up, but there is an open list of invites, so you might see someone new from time to time.  It's not really practical to expect 20 different people living in 20 different parts of the world to show up for ALL 12 weeks.  People who signed up are just expected to show up when they can.  We might have 12 people compete in 1 week, and then only 5 the next.  The more you are able to show up, the more chances you have to earn points, which increases your chances of winning.

People who signed up are not required to film or promote this contest, but it's of course optional.

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